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We will now show you how quick and easy it is to obtain your learner’s and driving licence. By driving through the pages of this website, we will guide you through the process step by step.



Roshni – 20 June 2009

"Thank you so much Riyone for all your time and patience. It paid off.
 I will definitely recommend you to all my friends who need to do their licence!"

Brandon – 03/03/2009

"Just to let you know that I passed my test today. Richard is a really great instructor, and I'd recommend him to everyone. His training and assistance definitely helped me achieve my goal today. The money I spent with you was well worth it."

Roxanne – 21 September 2009

"I passed my driver's test this morning and I just can’t believe it! Thank you Riyone, you are the best instructor ever :) I only had a few lessons with him but he was just so amazing that it was enough to help me pass today...
Finally I am a driver and it just feels so cool :) Thanks again Riyone!

Charlton – 02/10/2009

"Just wanted 2 say thank you to Richard, for being diligent and patient.
This was an awesome experience. Keep up the good work.

Jason McArthur – 13/07/2010

"Just passed this afternoon.Thank you so much Riyone,you're awesome!!! All the other driving school instructors I went to are difficult to understand and teach in a random order.Riyone taught K53 logically and in order that built on prevoiusly taught knowledge that made it easy to understand and follow.It just made sense! As result I was able to learn quickly amd practice what I had learnt in the lessson afterwards.I highly recommend Drive solution to anyone looking to learn to drive quickly!!!

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