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We will now show you how quick and easy it is to obtain your learner’s and driving licence. By driving through the pages of this website, we will guide you through the process step by step.


Learner's Licence

Drive Solution offers private tuition.This is more effective than the conventional, boring class room setup.Our qualified instructors have all the necessary skills & techniques to equip the delegate to successfully complete their learner licence exam with confidence.

In our private tuition,our instructors come out to the you 2 to 3 days before you write your actual test at the traffic department. The duration of the lesson is about 2 to 3 hours, depending on when the learner is ready. With every individual having different needs and different levels of understanding the duration of the learner will vary.
However, here at Drive Solution we make it our burden to walk the extra mile for our clients.The instructor is always willing to go up to a maximum of 4 hours, all for the price of R 280.00*.

In this few hours, all relevent road signs, rules and control's are covered and explained.

Drive Solution also tests client's extensively to prepare for the actual test at the traffic department.


Obtaining your learner’s licence is easier than you might think; just follow these simple steps...

  1. What you need?

Yourself (you need to go in personally as
your eye ’s needs to be tested)

ID Your ID Book
money R68 to secure your appointment
ID Photo 2 ID photo’s (black & white)
  1. Where to go?

Get to any traffic department with the soonest learner licence appointment.

  1. What to do?

Fill out a blue learner's licence form. Have your eyes tested.Then get the next available date for you to write the exam.


Once all the preliminaries are completed, contact us to setup a private tuition session.

Click this link to find out which traffic department has the soonest appointment.

Traffic Department Soonest Appointment.

Want to know where to find all the Western Cape traffic departments, click here.


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